17TH OCTOBER 2024​

7:30AM - 8:30AM


8:30AM – 9:00AM

Summit Official Open

Secure your spot, settle in, and brace yourself for a day filled with excitement!
9:00AM – 10:00AM

Motivational Speaker

By Louka Parry, Learning Futurist
10:00AM – 10:30AM

Morning Tea & Networking

This is the designated time for Morning Tea & Networking
10:30AM – 11:30AM

How does research-informed practise perform in the real world? A presentation of diverse case studies.

By Dr Deniese Cox,

Panellists: Ellyn Johnson – Australian Institute of Fitness and Ronni Browning – ICETS;

Research has an important role in the complex world of education. But let’s face it – sometimes we read research that feels like it never stepped foot outside the lab into the real world! That’s why Dr Deniese Cox’s award-winning research is so valuable for L&D professionals – she works hands-on to trial strategies and tools while rigorously measuring outcomes and learner experiences.

So how does that research stack up when subsequently implemented by teams in a wide range of settings?

Fitness, Investigations, & Educator Training – it doesn’t get more diverse than that! Join us for this unique opportunity where you’ll hear from teams who have implemented research-informed strategies. They’ll be sharing their experiences, their results, and most importantly, some practical insights that you too can easily implement.”

Professionals sharing their experiences, their results, and most importantly, some practical insights that you too can easily implement.
11:30AM – 12:30PM

Presentation: Building Your AI Toolbox

By Kerri Buttery , VETNexus and Digital Literacy Licence

Generative AI has burst onto the scene with a bang, and almost every organisation is building AI into their offerings.

This is more than using ChatGPT; we have many options available. However, the choices on offer can be overwhelming. This session will explore the critical criteria for building your AI Toolbox specifically for learning and development. We will see what is possible and review several of the latest tools on the market.

AI Toolbox
12:30PM – 1:30PM

Lunch & Networking

Enjoy lunch while connecting with peers and professionals in your field.

1:30PM – 2:30PM

Panel: Understanding the client perspective, facilated by Andrew Shea

Panellists: Luke Challenor, Urban Utilities; Ian Crowhurst, Head of Future Capabilities & Redeployment; Dan Hill, Director & Co-Founder SpecTraining.

The purpose of this session is to help training providers better understand their clients’ L&D needs. This is a unique opportunity to discuss openly between suppliers and clients to gain some real insights to help improve the value proposition. This interactive session involves a panel of L&D business leaders sharing their insights around what is important from their organization’s perspective.

The panel will share insights on

  • What drives our organization’s L&D strategy
  • What we are looking for from our training delivery suppliers
  • What does success look like from a client’s perspective
  • This discussion will be followed by an open floor Q&A session to allow training providers to ask question to better understand client side needs
2:30PM – 3:30PM

L&D Business Roundtable

An engaging discussion to foster connections, collaboration, and a growth mindset within a diverse group of professionals.
3:30PM – 4:00PM

Afternoon Tea & Networking

This is the designated time for Afternoon Tea & Networking
4:00PM – 5:00PM

Making a planned & meaningful impact (Open Discussion)

By David James, former Director of Talent & OD for Walt Disney Company
David James, the former Director of Talent & OD for The Walt Disney Company, promises to be a highlight for attendees. With his extensive background in people development and organizational strategy, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.
6:30PM – 10:00PM

‘Elegant Insights’ Gala Awards Dinner


18TH OCTOBER 2024​

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Arrival Tea & Coffee

This is the designated time for Arrival Tea & Networking
9:00AM – 10:00AM
CFW Dimension 2: Strategy & Planning

Track 1: Workshop: Waves of Change

By David Jago, Smart Meetings

We live and work in a turbulent sea of change. And it’s only getting more so… What sense can we make of that, together?

This session will use the metaphor of a Wave to explore trends in learning, development and performance.


  • Practical – to identify options for L&D delivery into the future.
  • Rational – to articulate trends driving L&D.
  • Experiential – to sense into holding one’s balance in turbulent times.
CFW Dimension 3: Design & Develop

Track 2: Workshop: Unlocking inclusive learning: Beyond screen readers

By Hajira Shaheen (shaheen)

Join us for a transformative exploration into the world of neurodiversity and accessibility.

While WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) guidelines have long been the focus, we’ll look beyond traditional accessibility by delving into the needs of the 15-20% of Australians who identify as neurodiverse. This invisible disability and unique thinking style are often overlooked, yet they represent crucial aspects of inclusive learning environments.

Discover practical strategies and simple adjustments to make simple yet impactful changes that accommodate everyone.

Track 3: L&D Lounge

By Dan Hill, Director ILP

Join us for some camaraderie, interesting insights, and some robust discussion.

The L&D Lounge is an opportunity for you to get to know some of your L&D colleagues and get their insights into a topic you’d like to explore.

10:00AM – 10:30AM

Morning Tea & Networking

This is the designated time for Morning Tea & Networking

10:30AM – 11:30AM
CFW Dimension 1: Professional Attributes

Track 1: Workshop: Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology Principles for L&D Excellence

By Kylie van Luyn, Elevated Coaching & Consulting Global.

This presentation is tailored to equip learning and development professionals with the tools and insights necessary to leverage emotional intelligence (EQ) and the principles of positive psychology to engage all learners. 

Participants will delve into the core components of EQ, its profound impact on the learner experience, learning and development effectiveness, and its role in fostering psychologically safe and inclusive learning environments where all learners can thrive.

Key topics that will be explored:
– Introduction to Emotional – Intelligence in the L&D context
– Creating Psychological Safety and Why It Matters
Supporting Diverse Learners
– Introduction to Positive

– Psychology in L&D
– Applying Positive Psychology in Practice

Attendees will: Understand the foundational principles of emotional intelligence and its critical role in learning and development and learner engagement. Identify personal areas of strength and areas for growth in emotional intelligence to enhance learning outcomes. Explore strategies for fostering self-awareness and self-regulation to manage emotions effectively in challenging situations. Develop techniques for building empathetic connections with learners, fostering a culture of trust, psychological safety, collaboration, and inclusivity.
CFW Dimension 4: Execute & Deliver

Track 2: Workshop: Excite, Motivate and Engage the Learner - is there a risk that your song and dance routine could lose its magic?

By Laurie Kelly, Brain-Friendly Training

“Get ‘em early. Get ‘em interested”

There is nothing worse than being asked by the Training and Development Department to train some dry compulsory theory topic that they have all heard before and all know the answers, because they have all… ‘done this one before’. Their body language says it all – ‘not again…I dare you to get me interested…What time is lunch?’

In workplace training we have learners who come along with various motivations and interests levels about the session topic they have been “encouraged” to attend.

Early Engagement is the Key. We need to understand some principles of how to achieve this Early Engagement with some good Framing up activities and how to build in the WIIFM sales principle into training. “How to Hook ‘em.. and get them open to learning.” We need to get learners mentally in the room as well as physically there.

These principles of Brain Friendly Training will excite and engage your students no matter what content you are teaching. You will experience PROCESSES that are simple, refreshing, practical and totally relevant to the challenges of teaching today. Refresh and upgrade your skills, and excite your students to learn … and keep on learning !

• Setting up an exciting journey to engage curiosity
• Manifesting a sense of positive anticipation for learners when they enter your classroom, and why this is important
• Positive effects of attention-grabbing starts from the very beginning
• Generating states of curiosity and the powerful impact this has on learning success• Designing activities to get them unconsciously questioning and seeking answers
• Reaping learning rewards from harnessing the learner’s own sense of challenge and victory
• Understanding the concept of STATE and how to use it for learning outcomes.

CFW Dimension 6: Business Smarts

Track 3: Workshop: We’re on the edge of an AI revolution… but what does that mean for you?

By Donna McGeorge

It’s time to get curious about how the latest tech tools can help you handle your everyday load, at work and at home! Whether you’re overwhelmed by repetitive, time-consuming tasks or you’re simply looking for a fresh injection of creativity, ChatGPT is the virtual assistant that’s got your back.

In this session, best-selling author of The ChatGPT Revolution, Donna McGeorge you will learn how to:
understand what ChatGPT and AI is capable of
write smart, specific prompts and queries to get the results you need build on existing examples to create new use-cases of your own revitalise your workflows and overcome procrastination and creative blocks organise and summarise data and information to create reports, schedules and more.

Donna will also give us a glimpse of the future of AI and what is coming.

Knowledge and tools to use AI to your benefit
11:40AM – 12:40PM
CFW Dimension 3: Design & Develop

Track 1: Case Study: Taking a Crisis and turning it into an Opportunity

By Julian Davis, The Digital Learning Guy

Starting a new role as eLearning Manager for Independent Schools Queensland, my first day included ‘Welcome to ISQ, we need a new LMS, you have 4 months, it must integrate into our CRM and you have no budget for external vendors or contractors. However, do enjoy your pre-planned month off during this period!’

This is the story of how a small team managed to pull off the seemingly impossible and build a digital learning eco system that now supports over 29,000 users and saves the organisation over $100k a year.

Understand the importance of knowing and trusting your team, project scope, risk and how to use XAPI to benefit your projects.

CFW Dimension 5: Evaluate & Feedback

Track 2: Presentation: Feeding off feedback: Effective evaluation of learning and development

By Michelle Parry-Slater, Kairos Modern Learning

The gift of feedback is often a gift learning professionals are not sure what to do with. To take Learning & Development beyond the ‘happy sheet’ we must get more from our feedback.

Michelle Parry-Slater suggests we need to ensure we not only ask the right questions, but also ask them at the right time and to all the right people. In this session, Michelle will share her thoughts on how to be more effective in our learning evaluation by using data, by starting sooner and by talking the language of your business.

Sharing practical ideas to make things happen such as evaluation techniques and models, and ensuring there is lots of audience participation, Michelle wants you to leave this session not looking back with feedback, but looking forward more effectively.


12:40PM – 1:30PM

Lunch & Networking

Enjoy a delightful lunch while connecting with peers and professionals in your field.
1:30PM – 2:30PM
CFW Dimension 4: Execute & Deliver

Track 1: Workshop: Top Ten Interactive Group Games That Teams Love

By Mark Collard, Playmeo

Join this fun & highly interactive session to learn how to lead ten of the most popular group games & activities that teams love, drawn from the world’s largest online activity database. 

Etched from 35+ years of experience, Mark will share what makes these games work and how to lead them successfully. 

This session will also explore the latest science and research that supports and encourages the intentional development of well-being as the central focus of team-based programs. Instantly expand your repertoire of outrageously fun group games you can immediately integrate into your training programs to invite adults to interact, share & build trust.

Fun interactive games
CFW Dimension 1: Professional Attributes

Track 2: Workshop: Leveraging Cognitive Diversity for High-Performance in L&D

By Lison Mage, author of “Act Before You Overthink,”

How to make better decisions faster?

In her interactive keynote, Lison Mage answers this question like no other sharing the game-changer concept of “purple team”, to improve our decisions and team performance.

Lison explains how to use this innovative technique to remove blind spots,tackle flawed assumptions and challenge cultures of status quo. Going one step further, she gives key insights on how leaders can effectively assemble powerful “purple teams” by leveraging cognitive diversity.

Through engaging stories, backed by psychology studies, the audience will:

Through engaging stories, backed by psychology studies, the audience will:

Gain insights into the business benefits of cognitive diversity,
Know to overcome the ‘echo chamber’ and encourage one’s to think differently,
Feel empowered for their next decisions to come.

CFW Dimension 6: Business Smarts 

Track 3: Workshop: "I'm a Trainer, Not a Salesperson" Building Customer Profiles and Outbound Strategies

By Scott Dunphy-Brown, Sales Calibre

Case Study & Interactive Workshop: 

The importance of ideal customer profiles (ICP) and outbound sales strategies.

Building Ideal Customer Profiles
Defining the ICP: Key characteristics to identify (demographics, behaviors, needs).

Data Collection: Quick tips on where and how to gather relevant data.

Practical Example: Walkthrough of creating a basic customer profile using a generic template.

Developing Outbound Sales Strategies
Message Crafting: Principles for writing effective sales messages that resonate with the ICP.

Choosing Channels: Overview of selecting the right channels (email, phone, social) based on the ICP.

Timing and Cadence: Best practices on timing and frequency of outreach.

Integration and Practical Application
Case Study: Brief review of a successful case where ICP and outbound strategies were aligned.

Interactive Activity: Participants draft a short outbound message tailored to their newly created customer profile.


2:40PM – 3:40PM
CFW Dimension 1: Execute & Deliver

Track 1: Presentation: How to Execute, Deliver, Evaluate, and Feedback like a rockstar!

By Emmanuella Grace, Find your voice

Strategies to creatively integrate execution and delivery, evaluations and feedback.

A singer’s relationship with their audience is a cyclical process of execution, delivery, evaluation, and feedback. Artists who disregard audience feedback risk losing their loyalty, trust, and influence. Without an audience, we lose our purpose. Similarly, without talented individuals within an organisation, there’s no one to execute a vision. 

Join Singer and Composer, Emmanuella Grace, on a journey to reconceptualize this vital component of L & D.


Anew framework for a vital component of Land Dthat can feel overwhelming
• Experience the powerful impact of how their voice can affect people’s reactions and perceptions
• Tools to feel calm under
I n s i g h t s into psychology of creating connection
• Asystem for having conversations that are potentially difficult


CFW Dimension 3: Design & Develop

Track 3: Workshop: Rethink, Rebuild, Innovate: Creative Problem-Solving in Learning

By Vanessa Trower, Learning & Performance at Nexperk

Join us for a dynamic and interactive workshop designed to enhance the human creative capabilities in learning and development. 

This session will provide practical tools and strategies to foster innovative thinking and effective problem-solving. Expect engaging exercises, real-time discussions, and clear insights that will empower you to seamlessly adopt creativity and innovation. 

Get ready to challenge the norm, brainstorm fresh ideas, and leave with actionable steps to rejuvenate your team’s approach to learning and development.

Three Key Learning Moments:

Defining Innovation: Get what innovation really means and why it matters.
The Creative Problem-Solving Process: Dive into how problem-solving works.
Cultivating an Innovative Team Culture: Learn ways to make your team more open to new ideas and risks.

3:45PM – 4:00PM


Join us for farewell for another year to our L&D community



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